Mohammad Saleh [Arta] Moosapour

Senior Web Designer & Developer



I am Mohammad Saleh Moosapour, But people also call me Arta, Born on March 30,1998. A 20 years old boy in dream of creating something big, interesting and useful.I have started learning web development since i was a 12 years old kid. And till now i have experienced many different fields of development and also design. I can say it's been 6 years since i have started working as a pro and earning money for what i do, web development. For the first 3 years i've been working with Wordpress and developing custom themes for clients.After that i switched to programming languages because then i was able to create anything the way i'd like. I can say i have a 5 year experience in UI/UX Design and i really do much effort for clients to convince them to accept what is better for their website :)

Digital Nomad

I am a Digital Nomad. This means that i could usually be found in Caf├ęs or any other place you could sit freely without any distraction for a couple of hours. Coffee Icon Join me for a cup of coffee


Well i'm not really a fan of academic education so ... :)
Nodet High School Currently studying Computer Science at University of Isfahan


HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap 4 Wordpress Theme Development Laravel Node JS React JS React Native PUG ( Jade ) Sass EJS Jquery PHP Javascript UI Design UX Design SEO User Research MySQL MongoDB ( Basic )


Under this section you can see some of my works. I hope you enjoy watching them.
[ Caution: Please just keep in mind that these designs have been manipulated so much by clients or companies :) ]

Zoomit Concept
Innovation Related
Innovation Related
Charity Concept Learning Purpose Design
Success Related Website
Success Related Website

Contact Info

If you think i am able to do your job offer, Feel free to call me!

Phone Num: +98 901 958 6548